8 Trends in the New American Economy and One Sector to Watch

Bruce E. Welty
Chairman & CEO of Quiet Logistics

The way people buy products is changing. eCommerce and mobile commerce are growing rapidly – far faster than traditional store-based retail. In this New American Economy, the rules are different. No one can predict what is going to happen from here, but the rise of the New American Economy is introducing existential risk to some of the largest retailers and huge new opportunities for branded manufacturers throughout the world.

Here are eight trends that promise still more change and challenge to the existing business models:

During the California Gold Rush, there were many fortunes made and lost, but one of the more enduring successes was Levi-Strauss, a clothier to all miners. Levi's never had to worry about which miners were going to discover gold. In the New American Economy, these trends all converge around advanced fulfillment capabilities. Amazon has invested in its fulfillment capability for just that reason. The "Levi-Strauss-like" opportunity of today is in Fulfillment or, more specifically, Robotic Fulfillment.

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