Quiet Logistics featured on 60 Minutes

This episode of 60 Minutes: “March of the Machines” takes a look at the robotics used by Quiet Logistics; host Steve Kroft interviews CEO Bruce Welty

January 13, 2013

Bruce Welty: “We think it’s part of the new American economy.”

Bruce Welty is CEO of Quiet Logistics, which fills orders and ships merchandise for retailers in the apparel industry. This entire operation was designed around the small orange robots made by a company outside Boston called Kiva. And can now be found in warehouses all over the country.

Steve Kroft: “Now this is the order that she is filling, right, on this screen.”

Bruce Welty: “Yes, in a typical warehouse, she'd have to walk from location to location with a number of totes. And that's the innovation here is that the product comes to her.”

About Quiet Logistics
Quiet Logistics is the eCommerce fulfillment provider of choice for leading brands and e-tailers. Quiet combines best-in-class technology with a deep understanding of brand care to deliver a precise and highly personalized customer experience for its clients. In addition to traditional third-party fulfillment, Quiet offers Managed Services, an “insourced” approach to eCommerce operations that leverages Quiet’s technology, processes and management in client-owned distribution centers.

Quiet Logistics’ precision makes the impossible—shipping thousands of orders a day across dozens of brands without an error—seem routine. www.quietlogistics.com