Quiet Logistics to Continue Expansion of Robotic Fulfillment

Recent Acquisition of Kiva by Amazon is the Ultimate Validation of the Platform

ANDOVER, MA – May 31, 2012 – Quiet Logistics, the eCommerce fulfillment provider of choice for leading fashion and apparel brands and e-tailers, today reaffirmed its commitment to the Kiva Systems robotic material handling system platform.

“Kiva robotics is one part of the Quiet story,” said Quiet CEO, Bruce Welty. “We have been very diligent in our efforts to understand the implications of the Amazon acquisition of Kiva for our business. We are very pleased with the consistent response from Amazon and Kiva, their commitment to continued support and our ability to source the equipment we need to fuel our continued growth and expansion. The Amazon acquisition is a tremendous validation of our technology driven strategy.”

Quiet Logistics maintains its status as the only independent source for robotic fulfillment services. The company applies hardware and software technologies to fulfilling eCommerce orders for premium fashion and apparel brands and e-tailers quickly, accurately and beautifully. By providing product and brand care services such as order and inventory accuracy at competitive prices, Quiet ensures that the right product will arrive on time and in perfect condition. This unwavering attention to detail strengthens brand loyalty and, with it, customer referrals and profits.

About Quiet Logistics
Quiet Logistics is the eCommerce fulfillment provider of choice for premium fashion and apparel brands and e-tailers. Quiet combines best-in-class technology with a deep understanding of brand care to deliver an exceptional and highly personalized customer experience for its clients. www.quietlogistics.com

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