Boll & Branch is the first direct-to-consumer luxury home goods company with a completely transparent and traceable supply chain. Its Fair Trade luxury sheets, towels, blankets and more are all responsibly made from organic handpicked cotton. This year, they were named #4 on Internet Retailer’s Hot 100 E-Retailer list (Amazon, Birchbox, Blue Apron and E-closet), and its founders were featured in Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business 2016.


From launch, Boll & Branch has been committed to setting new standards for both product and customer service. They first approached Quiet to help devise and implement a new fulfillment strategy in keeping with its high quality, forward-thinking bedding and home goods. They were also looking for a partner able to keep pace with fast-growing customer demand.


Today, our cutting-edge technology and exceptional services enable us to handle Boll & Branch’s continuously growing order volume with unparalleled efficiency and precision, minimizing waste and maximizing value. Moreover, our belief in acting with integrity and fairness, particularly when it comes to taking care of our employees and providing disenfranchised workers with significant opportunities for growth and development, make this partnership a perfect fit on both sides. Together we have been able to build the Boll & Branch brand while staying true to its core values and securing its spot as an exemplar in today’s mindful marketplace.

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