Co-founded in 2011 by Bernie Yoo, Jason Kim and Sarah Lee Bombfell offers an approachably priced curation-powered clothing service for men.


Bombfell came to us with a problem: their current fulfillment partner wasn’t living up to the custom brand experience they were promising their customers. Shipments weren’t arriving on time, boxes contained the wrong items, or packages were shipped in such a way that the clear, positive brand experience they wanted to convey just wasn’t there.


Given the challenges of the subscription model, Quiet’s highly efficient and customizable solutions proved just the right fit, delivering exceptional accuracy and efficiency along with great attention to customer experience. Quiet immediately turned things around, devising and implementing a powerful fulfillment strategy that encompassed everything from subscription box services to a savvy returns management system for identifying damages and reconditioning returns.

Today we continue to empower Bombfell with best in class fulfillment practices that are worthy of this fashion tech innovator.

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