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As a launch partner to Bonobos, Quiet was tasked with using our flexible and technologically nimble management systems to help scale up from start-up mode without the typical growing pains. More recently, as Bonobos sought to combine physical retail with its robust online business, we were challenged to fully integrate logistics for a comprehensive experience in keeping with the brand’s reputation.


Early on, Quiet developed a comprehensive system to get orders out the door with lightning speed, while ensuring maximum accuracy and creating a complete brand experience (i.e., obsessing over order presentation) for customers shopping online. We also spearheaded an intensive, high-touch system to tackle a universal challenge in the world of eCommerce, returns management, and developed procedures to recondition even the most complicated items.

Since then, we have served as an extension of the in-house team, guaranteeing every customer an exceptional brand experience. And we have remained intimately involved in analyzing the evolving needs of eCommerce fulfillment in an era of ceaseless innovation, continuously growing and adapting with groundbreaking solutions that keep this brand ahead of the curve, whether the customer is shopping at or at a physical Bonobos Guide Shop.

By combining our proprietary, best-in-class technology with a visionary logistics management team and skilled warehouse staff selected for their expertise in a fashion/retail environment, we were able to play a key role in helping Bonobos become the largest fashion brand ever built on the web in the United States.

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