One of the biggest success stories to come out of the beauty world in recent years, skin care and cosmetics brand Glossier is shaping the way today’s consumers shop.


With its friendly, socially driven marketing and brilliantly designed products and packaging, Glossier has captured the zeitgeist, causing items to fly off the eCom “shelves” and frequently sell out – thus presenting big challenges on the logistics and fulfillment side of things. And because of its ultra-quick growth, Glossier needed scalable logistics support, able to adapt to its quickly changing needs.


We worked with the Glossier team to devise the right solutions to these challenges, from the basic necessity of turning complex orders containing many SKUs around fast, to the difficulties of ensuring consistent adherence to brand standards.

Today, our efficient tech-driven systems keep orders moving quickly, and our team of experienced warehouse workers are adept at handling the range of packaging inserts, from specialty branded bubble pouches to rubber bands to stickers and other seasonally driven value added-inserts. And when a celebrity or beauty blogger features an item, causing orders to spike, our scalable systems guarantee that we’re always at the ready.

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