Founded in 2012 by two friends at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, Love Your Melon is a fast-growing, student-run apparel brand that sells USA-made beanies, caps, shirts and other accessories with 50% of net proceeds benefiting childhood cancer charities.


Love Your Melon is young but mighty: so far, the company has given over $1.5 million to fight childhood cancer, and they’ve donated more than 80,000 cozy hats to children who are battling the disease. With great success comes great challenges. Love Your Melon first came to us because their business was beginning to take off at a rate that outpaced the capabilities of their previous fulfillment partner. They asked us to advise on a strategy to transition over to Quiet’s facilities without interruption, and to bring the brand up to scale with speed, precision and commitment to the cause.


As a new partner to Love Your Melon, we executed a smooth transition of inventory and processes, moving inventory into our facilities while integrating their systems seamlessly with our proprietary software. Once transitioned, we were able to leverage our technology and staff to ramp up the pace and accuracy of outbound orders, facilitating Love Your Melon deliveries to customers across the United States. We also leveraged our excellence in order presentation and packaging to create emotionally uplifting brand moments, sending each item to the consumer with premium-level personalization and attention to value added details – for a truly fulfilling and meaningful customer experience.

“Transitioning our fulfillment services into the hands of Quiet Logistics was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Quiet’s ability to deliver a high volume of products within days of orders being placed has legitimized us in the eyes of our customers and further improved our ability to change the lives of children battling cancer.”

Zachary Quinn, founder of Love Your Melon
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