By combining performance-boosting technology with office-ready apparel, Ministry of Supply is reinventing work clothing for a dynamic world.


Ministry’s core mission is to create pieces that are in sync with how people live now and what they’ll want tomorrow. In searching for a logistics partner, they knew they needed a company with a similarly innovative mindset and the determination to offer customers an exceptionally effortless, enjoyable and modern experience. Traditional fulfillment wasn’t going to do the trick – Ministry needed a future-proof strategy that would embody its values and affirm its commitment to thinking outside the box.


Today, Quiet Logistics helps fulfill that mission through tech-fueled services and premium packaging that outperform the customers’ expectations. We use our longstanding relationships with shipping couriers to power free shipping and free returns for all Ministry customers, and utilize customized, branded packaging, including specialty add-ons that encourage customers spread the word to friends and family. And by putting our proprietary software to work for Ministry, we’re helping the brand achieve unparalleled efficiency and precision – truly living up to its mantra, #worksmarter.