Founded just three years ago by Tyler Haney, then a business student at Parsons, revolutionary brand Outdoor Voices is the startup that is shaking up the entire activewear industry.


In a very short span of time, the company has raised over $22 million in venture capital, opened concept retail spaces around the country and expanded into new categories for both men and women. As partner to this incredibly fast-growing wellness brand, Quiet was tasked with helping the OV team scale up while creating an exceptionally compelling omnichannel brand experience.


To give OV the necessary support for its monumental growth, we devised a scalable fulfillment strategy that addresses everything from the smallest immediate details of ordering packaging and presentation to future planning around international shipping and other high-level initiatives.

With a warehouse staff carefully trained to execute high-touch orders with precision, we have been able to give each OV delivery a personal touch, affixing branded stickers and placing inserts in each box for increased customer engagement. Because OV is known for its special limited edition offerings as well as its activewear “kits” – packages comprised of several individual items – we also deploy custom processes to handle these unique packaging needs with maximum accuracy. And with frequent influencer mentions and press hits, we have leveraged our flexible systems to accommodate surges, even when they arise unexpectedly; and we’ve also worked directly with the OV team to plan for seasonal and other marketing peaks.

More recently, with OV’s reputation soaring around the world, we have worked to secure advantageous international shipping rates, satisfying global consumer demand for OV’s covetable active gear.

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