Tuft&Needle is an innovative online mattress company, founded by two former software engineers from Silicon Valley.


Early on, Tuft + Needle sought to disrupt the market, and differentiate itself from competitors, by offering premium mattresses at fair prices – with direct delivery and free shipping. Not exactly an easy ask consider the size and shape of their signature products.


While offering free shipping on mattresses would keep most companies up at night, we helped them make it happen. Quiet integrated the Arizona-based brand’s inventory into our Devens, MA, warehouse, to enable next-day shipping to New York, Boston and greater New England – a revolutionary leap forward for a bulky 100-pound delivery that would typically have taken anywhere from six to seven business days.

We also helped advise on packaging processes and materials to make each shipment as efficient as possible, ultimately developing a delivery package smaller and easier to handle than any mattress delivery we’d ever seen before – giving the end customer a vastly more efficient, modern shopping experience and a stress-free night’s sleep.

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