Launched in 2011, Misha and Puff enables savvy parents to dress their little ones in beautiful, functional pieces that celebrate hand-craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Every item in the collection is hand-knit from the finest materials by a community of artisans in Lima, Peru, in keeping with Fair Trade principles and sustainable, low-impact processes.

Amid a growing number of businesses powered by artisan makers and traditional craft techniques, Misha and Puff stands out for its attention to detail and its exceptional dedication to upholding ethical standards. For example, the brand’s products are made from start to finish in Peru, strengthening local industry in an area known for its textile history while minimizing the impact of materials shipping. Every craftsperson on the Misha and Puff team is paid a fair wage and has access to such benefits as early education after-school programs and meals for artisans’ children.

As a tech-driven company that also understands the power of human touch, we are very pleased to partner with Misha and Puff, delivering its purposeful products to eager customers everywhere.

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