Fashion Forward Fulfillment

Bonobos navy blue suitBonobos navy blue suit

Quiet Logistics integrates cutting-edge technology, proprietary software systems and human touch for truly seamless retailing. Specializing in fashion and lifestyle, we empower today’s biggest brands and tomorrow’s stars. We have proudly deployed the world’s first robotic fulfillment solution built by warehouse people for warehouse people, taking our capabilities to the next level.

Our Values

Innovation for Efficiency’s Sake

Quiet is a matchlessly forward-thinking, tech-centric fulfillment provider. Our people make everything possible, but our revolutionary systems and fulfillment robots – featured on Wired, CNN, and The Business of Fashion – dramatically increase warehouse productivity Real-time visibility on the fly or at your desk via mobile or desktop reporting and dashboard tools is always available

Game-Changing Speed and Precision

From expedited systems integration to unprecedented order and inventory accuracy and exceptional turnaround times, Quiet works at the speed of e-Commerce. Our paperless workflow and intuitive technology integration put us light years ahead of mom and pop pick-and-pack operations, helping our clients stand out in an increasingly demanding and competitive marketplace.

Maximum Flexibility

Quiet’s operations experience and adaptable technologies enable companies to scale quickly without compromising quality or order accuracy. Our state of the art facilities are designed to scale for peak volumes, flash sales, sales bursts and organic growth, and we are always ready to respond to a brand’s evolving fulfillment needs by shifting seamlessly from Third Party Fulfillment to Managed Services to a Returns Management Solution.

Exceptional Brand and Customer Care

As the logistics partner of choice for premium retailers and innovative e-Commerce businesses, our team is uniquely skilled in conveying a brand’s message to the customer’s doorstep through value-added details and high touch personalized orders. From specialty kitting, branded packaging design, personalized thank you cards and customized inserts and packing slips to subscription-based fulfillment, cycle counting and EDI manifesting, Quiet delivers exceptional and comprehensive shopping experiences.

Product Expertise

Our team’s keen eye for packaging and presentation is matched by a deep experience working with premium fashion and lifestyle products. From garment on hanger storage to best in class product restoration, our specialist staff – trained in fashion, apparel, footwear, accessories, home and specialty, sporting goods, health and beauty, among other categories – treats every item with utmost care.

Our Services

Quiet offers tech-driven logistics solutions founded in decades of collective fulfillment experience:

Third Party Fulfillment (3PF)

Returns Management Solution (RMS)

Managed Services